About this Blog

About Me:

It’s safe to say I’m not your stereotypical foodie, blogger or social media influencer.  I’m just someone who enjoys their food and has a soft spot for good wine and craft beer.  When it comes to the buzzwords though, hey you roll with what you get handed right?

No matter whether I’m roaming around my current city or off on a bit of travel, the first thing on my mind is always which place I can go eat.  I grew up on home cooked meals, fashioned a love of fine dining in London and love seeking out those hidden cheap eat gems at street food stalls.  Writing about it and sharing this passion seemed like a natural creative outlet for me.

With around 8 years of writing about food under my belt now in different disguises in both the UK and Australia, I wanted a new start to put all my reviews, recommendations and thoughts in one place and it felt like the right time to kick off a new site and do a little rebranding.  Be it food, craft beers, a good wine or just some interesting people, places and events, hopefully there will be enough to interest everyone.

About the Blog:

First of all let me be clear, even through my sarcastic streak, this blog isn’t about me being a critic.  I’m not being paid for this and i’m not trying to sell anything.  I’m trying to show off my highlight reel, offer up some honest and trustworthy reviews and give myself a chance to generate chat around a pretty amazing world of food and drink out there.  I have nothing but respect for those chefs and producers that bring this wonderful world to my table.

The name Degustation Destination came about due to my love of tasting menus and a willingness to travel for a good one.  These tasting menus and “feed me” options offer up a great opportunity, it’s surprising how often a new ingredient or a new combination makes it’s way to my plate that I otherwise would never have ordered if left to my own devices.

From somewhere on the 50 Best Restaurants list to a cheap and cheerful street food stall, good food is good food and I’ve no concerns with trying anything once.  Anything that is worth a special write-up will feature here, along with random thoughts, occasional recipes and articles, but for snippets of my other food journeys and great finds of food, wine and craft beer be sure to check out my Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Personal Integrity:

One of the reasons I’m uncomfortable with the term ‘blogger’ is the negative connotations this conjures up among some industry professionals.  I don’t think just because you have an audience it gives you the right to demand freebies in exchange for positive reviews.

Yes, I have attended events as a guest before and no-doubt will again, but I always have full disclosure and am honest with my reviews.  I’ve had great discussions with chefs and brewers in the past and in my eyes a big part of gaining credibility is showing respect.

If you do wish to get in contact with me regarding any events, drop me an email or hit me up on social media and i’ll get back as soon as I can.

About the Photos:

People say that the first bite we take is with our eyes, so for me having appealing pictures is essential to a good food site.  I’m no pro-photographer, but it is something i’m working on and want to continue to improve.  No doubt the quality will fluctuate a bit, especially when shooting in low light situations such as an atmospheric restaurant or night market, (i’m a firm believer of the golden rule of no flash photography), so bear with me.

Most of the photos will be with either my smartphone (currently a Samsung Galaxy S8) or my Sony RX100-MkII (which is an outstanding portable camera with all the features of a good DSLR).  As I progress I am hoping to invest in something a little more professional.

That Disclaimer Stuff:

I think most of this goes without saying, but such is the world we live in I have to say it anyway.

All the reviews and articles are based on my own experiences and opinions of a particular restaurant/product on a particular day/night.  Don’t hold me responsible for your own experiences (I’m not going to refund your money if you happen on a dodgy night at a place I recommended).  Also, use your common sense – menus change and places may close down, do your own homework before you drive 3 hours to try a restaurant I reviewed.

All articles and photos, unless stated otherwise, are my own work and as such I retain the sole copyright to any content.  If you wish to reproduce anything elsewhere please get in touch, a little credit in a footnote goes a long way.  I will also make every effort to ensure any and all credit goes to other contributions where necessary.

All food, drinks and experiences are paid for out of my own pocket.  Any complimentary invites or product to review will always be stated clearly in the post, be it here or on Instagram.  I won’t sell your data and I reserve the right to change articles or indeed shut the site down if I so desire/feel is appropriate.  If you have any questions please get in touch.

I’ve made a conscious decision not to include ads on this site, I don’t like the look of it and hopefully readers will appreciate the clutter free layout.  I may choose to include one or two appropriate link spaces in the future and at my own discretion.

Degustation Destination